Falconry School

If you are interested taking up falconry or acquiring any bird of prey it is vital that you attend a reputable Falconry Course. Tom Graham Falconry can offer a range of courses to suit the needs of those of you with just a passing interest in the sport to those who are serious about becoming a falconer and buying a hawk or falcon. You can be assured that whatever course you decide to attend with us you will be given expert instruction and advice from experienced staff who will put you on the right road to fulfilling your ambition. Take a look at what we offer. All of the courses are held at our falconry centre at Thorp Perrow Arboretum among some of the most spectacular woodland and gardens in North Yorkshire.

Bird of Prey Association Day

Want to know if falconry is for you? This one day course will introduce you to the birds and just what is involved in this demanding but very rewarding sport.

The day will begin at 10.30am with coffee and an introductory lecture followed by a discussion period covering the various birds of prey, natural habitat, quarry, housing, equipment and training methods used. You will then be introduced to the birds and given practical instruction in how to carry and handle them safely and correctly. After lunch you will be taken into the countryside and you will fly the bird you have been handling. The day will conclude at around 4pm.

An Introduction to Falconry

This is a two day course designed to give a brief insight into the ancient art of falconry for those with little or no knowledge of it’s practices

During this course you will be given experience in flying and handling hawks and learn the different techniques used in training and hunting with various species of birds of prey. These include broadwings, shortwings and longwings.

Falconry for Beginners

Following on from the 2 day course above, this 3 day course gives an additional insight into the flying and management of birds of prey with an emphasis on flying the bird you have been handling.

Basic Course in Falconry

A 5 day course essential for the novice falconer intent upon acquiring a bird of prey.

A much more intense course specifically geared to your needs. We offer advice on choosing the right bird to suit your circumstances and taking you through the training regime needed for that species. T his ensures both you and your bird are ready for hunting.

You will study the habitat of the bird’s quarry and the choice and use of dogs in hunting. You will learn about all the equipment used in falconry and you will also be shown how to make certain pieces of equipment which, you will be able to take away with you at the end of your course!.

The environment in which you keep your bird of prey is very important and so you will also learn about basic husbandry including, housing, diet and the health and welfare of the your bird. You will also be given instruction on the laws governing birds of prey in the UK.